Chef Shamy Grilling Guide

Grilling Guide

It’s summertime! Which means that it’s finally grilling season! And while your various grills, set ups, and weather may be different, there are some things that always taste better fresh off a grill. We love grilling here at Chef Shamy. We’ve done lots of recipes to help you out, all using our amazing Fresh Churned Butters. Here’s a handy dandy grilling guide for you to use all summer and after!


Let’s start with meat, which is the most common grilled ingredient. And whether you’re doing chicken, beef, pork, or seafood, there’s a lot of fun to be had. There are a couple of different ways to amp up the flavor with our Fresh Churned Butters.

You can use our Garlic or French Onion Butter as a “finishing” butter: meaning that you allow the butter to melt on top of the meat while it’s resting. This adds both fat and flavor. A good example is this delicious Filet Mignon with Garlic Butter.



You can also use our butter to baste the meat while it’s on the grill. In this Spicy Grilled Chicken, we brushed Garlic Butter on the the chicken and then sprinkled a spice mixture. This is a great way to impart flavor while it’s cooking, and butter encourages the flames closer to the meat.



Of course, the most common meat is a hamburger or hot dog. Use our Garlic Burger recipe: it uses Garlic Butter in the meat mixture, along with some fresh herbs and seasoning.

If nothing else, make sure you brush those buns with Garlic Butter and throw them on the heat!




Grilling vegetables is a great way to add some extra flavor. Any veggie can be grilled and brush with a savory butter! My personal favorite is these absolutely delicious Grilled Tomatoes. They’re sweet and succulent.




Sometimes the easiest way to put vegetables on a grill is in kabob form. It’s a great way to get a variety of veggies together at once. These Vegetable Kabobs are seasoning simply: with Garlic Butter, salt, and pepper.



But meat can also go on a skewer! But remember to avoid cross contamination. If you’re cooking chicken, don’t put it on the same skewer with vegetables.

Don’t be afraid of meat and veggies together, like this Chicken and Vegetable Kabob!



Lastly, seafood. Seafood can be tough on a grill, but shrimp on a skewer might be the easiest way. And shrimp is such a blank canvas in terms of flavor. Cajun Grilled Shrimp soaks up the Garlic Butter and cajun seasoning for a great, well balanced bite! But be careful– seafood cooks quickly!




This is where our Grilling Guide gets a little quirky.

We’ve already discussed grilled buns. But any bread is good on the grill. Try this Grilled Garlic Bread! It adds a little smoky char to it, which is really good.



But it doesn’t have to be bread. Our Homemade Flatbread is brushed with French Onion Butter and grilled– it only takes about a minute on each side. Got tortillas? Throw them on the grill? Rolls? Throw them on!




Of course, we can’t forget dessert. My favorite way to use the grill for a sweet treat is through fruit.



Pineapple or peaches develop a deeper flavor on the grill, and with some Cinnamon Honey Butter to help? Forget about it. It’s out of this world delicious.

We hope this Grilling Guide is helpful! For more recipes, browse our recipe index!