grilled chicken kababs

Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Kebabs

It’s Grilling Time!

There’s only one way to do Kebabs, if you ask me: on the grill! And now that grilling season is upon us, let’s break out the charcoal and Garlic Butter, because ’tis the season! Kebabs are so easy that it almost seems ridiculous to do a post about them. But there’s something about Chef Shamy Garlic Butter that elevates them to something absolutely scrumptious!

Kebabs Through the Ages

Kebabs are a Middle-Eastern dish– is it the national dish of Iran. It originated in prehistoric times, as soon as someone thought of cooking meat over fire. It’s also rumored that medieval soldiers would grill meat on their swords over open fires in the field.

There are two types: shish kebabs and doner kebabs.

Shish Kebabs are what you would normally think of: meat that is skewered and then grilled over a fire.

Doner Kebabs are slabs of meat that are cooked on a vertical rotisserie. Shawarma style!

So, there you go! Now when you’re eating this delicious dish, you can enjoy the history as well as the taste!

Kebabs: Pick Your Own Adventure

The great thing about grilling is the possibilities are endless! We did chicken with bell peppers and onions. But you can do what you like. Maybe throw in some zucchini or squash. Go the tomato route for something a little sweeter. And we all know how great mushrooms are on the grill. Just make sure that you cook the meat on separate skewers from the veggies; we don’t want any cross contamination. Once on the grill, paint some Garlic Butter on, flip a couple times, and you have an easy peasy summer dinner. Kids love this stuff– let them load up their own skewers and they can eat what they want!

We used wooden skewers. Pro: they don’t burn your hand off when you try to grab them like metal would. Con: the wood can catch on fire. Be careful!

Go the traditional route and serve your kebabs with some Persian side dishes: Try our Tabouleh recipe! Or go here for a lovely tutorial on how to make authentic Persian Rice.

Grill away!

Grilled Chicken Kababs


Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Kebabs

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  • Layer chicken and vegetables onto skewers. You can alternate on the same skewer, or for more consistent grilling and ease of cleanup, place meat on separate skewer. Place on hot grill, then baste generously with Chef Shamy Garlic Butter.
  • cook chicken about 6-8 minutes each side until internal temperature is 160° and cook vegetables until desired char is reached. Baste to taste.