Delicious Garlic Butter

Our gourmet and compound butters are a delicious and simple way to add a special touch to any meal. They improve any food’s flavor profile with minimal ingredients and effort. You can bring your cooking up a notch with the addition of our compound butters, whether you are an experienced home chef or a novice in the kitchen.

Chef Shamy offers Road Shows across the nation that demonstrate the versatility and multiple applications for our garlic butter and our other compound butters. With our selection of gourmet compound butter, you are only limited by your imagination. Our Road Shows also provide you the opportunity to purchase any of our products. You can also find a list of locations near you that carry our butters here.

Chef Shamy Road Shows

Our Chef Shamy Road Shows are a great venue to learn how to use our gourmet compound butter as an ingredient and not just a spread. There are so many applications for them. We have both savory and sweet options. Our Seasoning and Sauté butters are perfect for finishing off a soup to deepen and enrich the flavor. Our Cinnamon & Brown Sugar compound butter is a perfect replacement when making scones from scratch. You can learn so much when you sample one of our Road Shows. Look for one in your area today.

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