Frequently Asked Questions About Chef Shamy

If you are looking for Chef Shamy rounds, the best way is through your local Sam’s, Amazon, or our online store. If you are looking for Fresh Churned products, head over to Better Butter to see our brand new look and where you can buy it at a store near you.

New look, better name, same flavors.

You can get more from your butter than you ever thought before. And no, there aren’t any added preservatives. Just your good ole’ simple, quality, and real ingredients doing its job as a natural preservative. All of our butter is shelf-stable, which means it can be kept at room temperature on your kitchen counter after being opened for six weeks without any problems.  In the refrigerator, it should last a year.  In your freezer, it is good for two years. Although we recommend not freezing or having it in the fridge as it spreads best when it is at room temperature.  

The idea behind the salt (and added garlic) was to present a concentrated product that would require less fat to get the same taste. So our garlic and gourmet butters are designed to be more of a condiment, using just enough to create the right taste. I find that if you spread it on toast right out of the toaster the taste will be much stronger than if you spread it thin on your favorite bread and then broil it in the oven or if you mix it with mashed potatoes. Try different recipes with it and you will have a different experience with each one. For more ideas on recipes you can go here.

We have a recipe blog that is regularly updated! You a variety of recipes using our gourmet butters at Chef Shamy Kitchen. Read More »

Please contact us using this form if you have any questions that are not listed here. You can also call our office during regular business hours at (801) 938-0909. We look forward to answering any questions you have about our gourmet butters.