Fresh Churned French Onion Butter with Asiago Cheese

Delicious French onion butter with Asiago goes great on bagels and bread.

With a mild onion flavor, a dash of real chives and finely grated Asiago cheese, Chef Shamy’s fresh churned butter makes the perfect flavor combination. The newest addition to our family of gourmet flavored butters is the Fresh Churned French Onion with Asiago Cheese spread. Our unique blend has half the sodium of our original garlic butter, no preservatives, no additives and all the flavor you’d expect. So, it’s the perfect guilt-free addition to any of your favorite savory meal recipes. Add our fresh churned butter gourmet to vegetables, steaks and specialty bread for a rich, tangy taste that your whole family will love.

Indulge in Our Flavored Churned Butter

Our flavored churned butter is the best way to shake things up at the dinner table. The combination of smooth, mild cheese and tasty onion twist will brighten any meat, potato, veggie or bread dish. It’s the burst of natural flavors that gives this butter a different savory goodness that you wouldn’t get with imitation or substitute butters. Try any of these recipes with Chef Shamy’s fresh churned French Onion with Asiago Cheese.

With a smear of our fresh churned gourmet butter, a simple dish can transform into a delectable and mouthwatering treat. The distinct sharpness of the French Onion and Asiago Cheese spread will open up a world of possibilities in your kitchen. Increase the flavor of any side dish or main course, whether it’s a baked potato, steamed vegetables or roast beef.

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When you want to add some zest to your dishes, our fresh churned butter gourmet spread is the best way to go. Chef Shamy has a line of wonderfully delicious gourmet butters that enhance the flavor profile of nearly any dish. See our array of recipes using our Fresh Churned French Onion with Asiago Cheese Gourmet Butter for flavorful ideas. Click here to find the nearest store or buy online today.

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