Chef Shamy | 8 Minute Lemon Dill Baked Salmon

8 Minute Salmon Sheet Pan Salmon

For a great asparagus recipe:  Quick Lemon Dill Asparagus This can be added to broil with the salmon. 4 Minute Lemon Dill Baked Salmon Save Print Lemon Dill Baked Salmon Author: Chef Shamy Recipe type: Entree Cuisine: Saute Butter Prep time:  1 min Cook time:  4 mins Total time:  5 mins   Ingredients Chef Shamy Lemon Dill Saute Butter …

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How to Make a Frittata | Chef Shamy

How to make frittata Recipe

Pancetta Frittata – by Jake Davis I have made so many quiches and frittatas that you’d think I would be an expert on them.  However, as I’m self taught, there’s always something to learn and I was curious what the difference was  between the two, so I did some investigating.  Now I always thought the …

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Sausage Pizza Cone – Disneyland Copycat

Pizza Cone Recipe

A couple weeks ago I made it out to Disneyland and was inspired to invent my garlic butter Pizza Cone. When I was little, we always packed a lunch and snacks because it was so expensive feeding our entire family in the park.  These past couple of years though, it has been me, my wife, …

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Garlic Butter Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Garlic Butter Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Many of your first experiences with Chef Shamy Gourmet were probably at our roadshows at Sam’s Club or Costco or possibly at a grocery store.  If you discovered our garlic butter at one of these roadshows then chances are you were able to experience the best grilled cheese sandwich you’ve ever tasted! Best Grilled Cheese You’ve …

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Garlic Bread Avocado Toast with Bacon

Try this recipe for avocado toast.

I’ve been making a lot of heavy meals lately for the blog.  But a blog about butter is often full of delicious, indulgent recipes.  After all, we want to Make the World a Butter Place™.  I felt the need for something lighter: enter Avocado Toast.  But what makes this Avocado Toast different?  Garlic Bread. There …

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