Triple Fudge Brownies

Triple Fudge Brownies | Chef Shamy


I absolutely love brownies! I grew up eating them. They’re a staple in any baker’s recipe book. But these brownies, straight from the actual Chef Shamy’s cookbook, are something special. I can’t say enough about them– they’re moist without feeling soggy, they’re rich without being overdramatic, and they’re sure to please any chocolate lover. After all, they are triple fudge! That’s right– 3 types of chocolate: cocoa, chips, and pieces!

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Triple Fudge Brownies

Made From Scratch Brownies

We’ve all had brownies from a box. That’s the preferred method these days, it seems. Especially when you can buy the mixes in bulk– and from a box brownie mix can be pretty good! But let’s face it: homemade is always superior. Made from scratch is the way to go– and these brownies are pretty easy to make, so it’s worth the 15 minutes to whip them up. And sorry, these will ruin your taste buds; you’ll never want brownies from a box again!

Triple Fudge Brownies

More Ways to Enjoy

If I may, a couple of suggestions to make this recipe even better:

Try throwing some pecans or dried cherries in the mix. Not everyone likes nuts in their brownies, but I don’t think a few pecans to break through the chocolate would hurt anyone. As for the cherries, can you imagine the lovely burst of flavor and acidity in the occasional fruity bite? Yummy.

Triple Fudge Brownies

Also, serve Chef Shamy Triple Fudge Brownies with Vanilla Bean Cream Dessert Topping or Raspberry Sauce to make this a 5 star dessert!

Triple Fudge Brownies

Triple Fudge Brownies

Chef Shamy Triple Fudge Brownies
These are without exception the best brownies ever!

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Triple Fudge Brownies | Chef Shamy

Recipe by Chef ShamyCourse: Dessert, Snacks
Prep time


Cooking time




  • Half baking sheet (Dimensions: about 13″ x 18″)

  • 1 lb. salted butter

  • 16 oz semi sweet chocolate pieces or bar

  • 3 T vanilla extract

  • 6 large eggs

  • 3 cups sugar

  • 3 cups mini chips (semi-sweet chocolate)

  • 2.5 cups flour

  • 1.5 t salt

  • ¼ cup dark cocoa


  • Pre-heat oven to 350°F
  • Cover baking sheet with tin foil slightly building up the sides of the pan with the foil to accommodate the rising brownie
  • Grease with butter and sprinkle some cocoa over the greased pan
  • Melt butter and semi-sweet chocolate in microwave (2 to 3 minutes in 1 min. increments)
  • Combine sugar, vanilla and eggs with electric hand mixer or whisk. In separate bowl, mix flour, cocoa, salt together
  • Briefly mix melted butter and chocolate and gradually add to egg mixture while whipping. (Add hot butter mixture slowly to insure that the eggs don’t get cooked.)
  • When thoroughly mixed, add dry ingredients until all are combined
  • Stir in 2 cups of mini chips
  • Pour into baking sheet
  • Sprinkle last cup of chips on top
  • Bake 30 minutes
  • Allow to cool for 30 minutes prior to serving
  • Notes
  • For small batch (typical 9 X 9 inch baking pan) use 1/3 these quantities.[br]This super moist brownie will keep for a week if covered.