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Elevate your favorite dishes with a bit of Chef Shamy™ European Style Butter with Pink Himalayan Salt. Its delicious flavor and creamy texture is easy to spread and incorporate into nearly any savory dish. We use butter with a higher fat content for smooth texture and butter flavor plus high-quality, mineral rich pink Himalayan salt to add a perfect salt crunch.


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European Style Butter with Pink Himalayan Salt

Enhance the taste of your favorite meals with a bit of Chef Shamy™ European Style Butter with Pink Himalayan Salt. With its delicious flavor and creamy texture, our gourmet butter is easy to spread and mix into nearly any savory dish. European style churned butter has a longer churning process which allows it to acquire its distinct tanginess and high butterfat content. We use high-quality salt that adds just enough seasoning to draw out the sharp flavor that sets gourmet European style butter apart. Place an order online or buy Chef Shamy™ products at a store near you.

Gourmet European Style Butter vs. American Butter

American butter doesn’t usually contain live cultures and it has a butterfat content that is regulated by the USDA. European style butter has bacterial cultures and is churned for longer, so it has a higher butterfat content and a slightly sour flavor. This type of butter is often preferred for baked goods because it has a smoother texture that melts easier, improving the taste and flakiness of pie crust. Because European style churned butter contains less water, it has a saturated yellow color and the Chef Shamy™ brand has a butterfat content of about 83 percent. It can be used in place of regular butter to emphasize the tenderness, flavor and texture of your foods.

How to Make the Best Use of European Churned Butter

The pink Himalayan salt in our gourmet European style butter helps to add flavor as well as preserves the butter, so it lasts longer than the American variety. It can be used topically by smearing it on top of toast, vegetables or pasta, otherwise it acts as an excellent ingredient in baking. The high butterfat content of European style churned butter is one of the main reasons it’s a preferred type of butter. You’ll notice the rich, flavorful and smoother mouthfeel than the regular kind.

These are some of the dishes that go great with our tangy gourmet butter:

  • Pasta
  • Polenta
  • Omelet
  • Rice
  • Paired with cheese
  • Baked potato
  • Vegetables
  • Over fish, steak or chicken
  • Popcorn 

Buy European Style Butter at a Store Near You

Chef Shamy™ European Style Butter is sold in grocery stores across the United States and can be found using our locator tool or buy online. We have a variety of gourmet butter flavors and we exhibit them in our roadshows, which are taken from state to state. See our recipes online here or include European style churned butter in your own family favorites to add some variety.

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