Strawberry Coconut Banana Bread

Strawberry Coconut Banana Bread

Banana Bread

I love banana bread! I’ll eat it as dessert, as breakfast, as lunch, as a snack… you get the idea. This Strawberry Coconut Banana Bread is seriously my favorite banana bread I’ve ever had!

This recipe doesn’t taste like what you’re used to. Normally, we would add cinnamon to the batter. Instead, we put fruit and coconut, so while you still get that great banana flavor, it’s complimented by a fruitiness, not cinnamon. It’s delicious, even though it’s different than what you might expect.


Strawberry Coconut Banana Bread


Strawberry and Coconut

I’ve got to be honest, I wasn’t sure whether adding strawberry and coconut to banana bread was going to work. It sounded good, but who knows?

I’m happy to report that it works beautifully!

Strawberry and banana go so well together, and adding coconut in the mix is fantastic.

There are two different strawberry flavors in this recipe: Chef Shamy Strawberry Honey Butter, and fresh strawberries. I like having both– the Strawberry Honey Butter adds a fruity sweetness to everything, and having chunks of fresh strawberry in the bread is cool both visually and in texture.


Strawberry Coconut Banana Bread


Lots of Bread

The other great thing about this recipe is it’s enough to make 2 loaves of banana bread. I used the smaller loaf pans, and they worked great.

I like using the smaller pans because the bake time is less– meaning the crust of your bread doesn’t burn while you’re waiting for the inside to get cooked.



Strawberry Coconut Banana Bread