Strawberry Chocolate Trifle for Two

Strawberry Chocolate Trifle

Our new Strawberry Chocolate Trifle for Two is a simple and delicious dessert! We recommend this recipe to end a romantic dinner, or as an easy weeknight treat without the kids.

This recipe is so easy to make– it comes together in less than 10 minutes. It’s a rich dessert while still feeling light. It is a trifle in the sense that it has layers. Though there are only two, it has a great textural difference between the layers.

Let’s talk about it.

The Crunchy

Like I mentioned above, this recipe is really easy. And the crunchy bottom layer is only two ingredients: golden Oreos and Fresh Churned Strawberry Honey Butter.

Crush those sandwich cookies up, and stir in a little melted Strawberry Butter until everything is well coated.

The Creamy

It’s a simple chocolate whipped cream. Combine heavy cream, powdered sugar, and cocoa. Beat until the cream is forming stiff peaks.

The chocolate cream tastes really great, but it is pretty rich. The strawberry crumbs at the bottom cut through the richness– it’s SO good!



Strawberry Chocolate Trifle for Two

Recipe by Chef ShamyCourse: Dessert


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  • In a small mixing bowl, combine crushed golden sandwich cookies with melted Strawberry Butter, until crumbs are coated and clumping together.
  • Divide mixture between two glass dishes.
  • In a separate mixing bowl, mix heavy cream with powdered sugar and cocoa. Beat until cream hold stiff peaks. Spoon chocolate cream over top the crumbs.
  • Serve, garnishing with fresh strawberries.
  • For a small tasting dessert, make 4 instead of 2.
  • Can be made earlier in the day and kept in the fridge.