This Brazilian street food is a delicious blend of shredded chicken and fried dough.

Brazilian Coxinha Recipe – Fried Chicken Dumplings

Garlic Butter

I love me some Parmesan Basil Garlic Butter and have plenty coming at you for garlic butter recipes. However, I want to finish up a few of the Brazilian Recipes I’ve made recently, especially this one: coxinha.


There are so many things I miss about living in Brazil. I miss the fresh fruit and endless varieties to be found, the hand-laid brookstone (in Portuguese its known as paralelipido which is probably the funnest Brazilian word to say). I miss the street vendors with the delicious aroma of their questionable mystery meats floating through the air. And most of all, I miss the daily french bread made fresh by bakeries on almost any corner. At a select few of these bakeries can be found some sweet treats known as brigadeiro or mousse de maracujá or some savory snacks such as empanadas or coxinhas.

Coxinha Recipe

Coxinha (Co-sheen-yuh)

What is a coxinha exactly? I guess in English the best way to describe this salty treat is a deep fried shredded chicken dumpling. Typically you could find them at the padarías (bakeries) around the neighborhood and sometimes in a select few other areas. They are usually served with hot sauce and mayonnaise should you want either of them. I usually went for the homemade hot sauce. Today, I don’t mind putting some Tapatío on them.

Being a deep fried food, this is by no means a healthy recipe, however, it is a super tasty one, you’ll just have to plan a little extra gym time. You’re going to make it in two parts. First the dough. And then you make the shredded chicken. You wrap the chicken in a teardrop shape and then deep fry them. If you want to make them ahead of time, you can freeze them and then drop them in the fryer frozen when you’re ready to serve them.