Garlic Butter and Keto Diets – A Perfect Match

Amazing Health Benefits of Garlic

Ketogenic eating is an excellent and popular way to lose weight quickly and keep it off. Keto relies on your daily calories coming from high protein and fats, like butter. Chef Shamy’s garlic butter fits perfectly into any keto meal plan. We make a variety of gourmet butters from all-natural ingredients that are recommended additions to keto diets. As you look for ways to switch-up what you eat but remain on your keto diet, add Chef Shamy gourmet garlic butters to your menu.

How Does Garlic Butter Work with Keto?

Butter is a keto diet staple and an excellent way to add flavor into your cooking and weekly meal prep. Our garlic butter is a convenient way to enhance many of the foods approved for this meal plan. Because it is a high-fat, calorie-rich food, garlic butter possesses good fats along with the benefits of consuming an all-natural product. Both the original Chef Shamy Garlic Butter and our new Fresh Churned variety have the caloric and carbohydrate count that keto requires. Per serving, our butters average around 80 calories and include approximately 10%  of your daily saturated fat and zero trans fats. And with zero sugars you only consume 0.2g of carbohydrates per serving, keeping you right on track with your keto meal plan.

We are known for creating creamy and delicious compound, gourmet butters. Our flavorful and all-natural garlic butters are easily incorporated into your favorite keto meal. Consider adding a tablespoon or two to any steak, chicken, fish or pork you cook. Garlic butter elevates the flavor of any protein you eat and any vegetable you sauté. In addition, once you have lost the weight you want, Chef Shamy gourmet butters can continue being a welcome staple in your fridge.

Chef Shamy Garlic Butter is Keto-Friendly

Whether you are on a ketogenic meal plan or are considering switching to one to lose weight, Chef Shamy Garlic Butter is a beneficial and delicious addition. We are proud to provide only the highest quality butter that’s made without extra preservatives and additional chemicals, like rbSTs (growth hormones) and MSGs. Be confident that you’re purchasing the most flavorful, fresh churned, expertly seasoned butter available for your keto diet. Look for us in your local store, order our keto-friendly garlic butter online or better yet, find us in Austin, TX, June 28-30 for Ketocon 2019.