Sams Club Showcase Team Information and Training Materials

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Demonstration Agreement


Schedule A – Compensation for new roadshow reps

This is the agreement to work as a contractor for Chef Shamy. Please print it out and review it. You need to initial the bottom of each page, add your contact information on the second to last page and then sign the back page.
Payroll Policy Manual This document answers most of the common questions about payroll and outlines the way to get your questions answered. Please read this before you have a problem and it may help avoid all problems and concerns associated with payroll.
 Company Info Sheet Names, Phone Numbers, and email addresses of company personnel
Training: Road Show Procedures For training here is the place to begin. This is the document that describes what we do and how we do it. If you have questions the answers are probably in here.
Training: Chef Shamy Sales Script This is a basic script to start from. Study this and then add your own style.
Training: Sales Techniques These are good sales techniques as they apply to the Chef Shamy Roadshow
Conference Call Audio


Conference Call Archive

All of the past monthly conference calls. Lots of additional training and tips from Chef Shamy and team.
Expense Report Use this form to list your roadshow expenses, upload images of receipts and submit to payroll.
Sunday Night and End of Show Report This is an online form to report your inventory at the end of each show. Fill out this form and submit it online.
Rep Kit Equipment List This is a checklist of what should be in each new roadshow kit for Sam’s Club
Roadshow Kit Order Form You can order a full kit or replacement parts and pieces (with Manager’s Approval).
Training: Training Checklist If you are training someone, here is the document that helps you review all the high points. This works especially well if you check off each item with your trainee.
Supporting Document: Kraft RA Letter This is the letter that outlines our agreement with Kraft. Tape the UPCs from the boxes of cheese that you use during each day at a show and turn them in to the claims department at the club ON A DAILY BASIS.
Supporting Document: Bimbo Bakeries Authorization Letter This is the letter that outlines our agreement with Bimbo Bakeries Keep the bags of bread you use and turn them in to receiving with this letter ON A DAILY BASIS.
Supporting Document: Bimbo Bakeries Regional Contact Sheet Contact list for the regional managers with Bimbo Bakeries. Contact the regional manager three weeks prior to your shows to get additional bread for your show.
Supporting Document: Butter Safety Memo Memo from Chef Shamy about the butter being at room temperature for extended periods of time. Answers the question “What does KEEP REFRIGERATED mean?”
Supporting Document: Butter – Good For you Great document that outlines the health benefits of butter, written by a Doctor. Thanks to Bonnie Gulley for providing this for us.
Arbitration Agreement Mandatory Paperwork
Signs: Road Show Inventory Print this sign out and leave it on any inventory you have in the freezer. Chef Shamy Roadshow Inventory.
Signs: Demo Today Chef Shamy Demo Today. Great sign to use for your inline demos or if you have product away from you like in an endcap cooler.

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