Gourmet Flavored Churned European-Style Butter

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For a creamy, rich taste and texture, there’s nothing better than adding a bit of gourmet flavored European-style butter to your favorite savory meals. Chef Shamy™ has a line of Fresh-Churned European-Style Butter made with pink Himalayan salt that is just what you need to enhance the flavor of your family’s favorite foods. This type of butter is different from the kind we have in the United States because of the way it is made. European butter gets its tangy flavor through the churning process, which is longer in order to achieve a higher butterfat content. Our variety of butter incorporates a type of salt that contains trace amounts of minerals that are considered good for the body.

What is European Style Fresh-Churned Butter?

Fresh-churned, gourmet European-style butter has a longer churning process and is traditionally meant to be fermented. The way it is made results in a sharp taste that many people prefer over American-style butter. It’s rich flavor, soft texture and faster melting ability makes it the perfect ingredient for a variety of recipes that call for butter. European-style fresh-churned butter is easy to spot due to its saturated yellow hue, which it has because of its high-fat content and lack of water. The pink Himalayan salt we add to our version adds its own unique flavor to the mix as well.

What is European Style Butter Used For?

Because Fresh-Churned European-Style Butter has the desired consistency for baking, it is used in a wide range of breads, rolls and other baked goods. The pink Himalayan salt component preserves the butter and seasons the dough or other foods you add it to. These distinctive qualities make it an excellent choice when you want to enhance the flavor profile of your old recipes while giving them a new twist.

Although gourmet-flavored, churned European-style butter is great for baking, it can be added over nearly any other types of dishes including:

  • Polenta
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Omelet
  • Baked potato
  • Paired with cheese
  • Popcorn
  • Vegetables
  • Over fish, steak or chicken

Order Fresh-Churned Butter Online

Fresh-Churned, Gourmet European-Style Butter from Chef Shamy™ can be found in stores throughout the United States. Get this tangy variety and incorporate it into your go-to entrees for a spin on the usual flavor palette. Or, try your hand at one of our recipes and subscribe to receive our recipe newsletter for more ideas. Attend one of our roadshows when we’re in your city and use our store locator tool to buy European-style, fresh-churned butter today.