Fresh-Churned Chocolate Frosting Butter Cream


Chocolate Frosting Fresh Churned Butter Cream


Chocolate frosting butter cream can add a delectable sweetness to any after dinner treat because of its smooth texture and rich flavor. Chef Shamy™ makes fresh-churned gourmet butters, which pair well with desserts that have long been traditional family favorites. Comfort foods such as cupcakes, cookies and brownies are made that much better with our unique blend of chocolate-flavored buttery goodness. You can take nearly any of your usual recipes and put a new spin on it by simply adding a spoonful of our tasty butter cream. If you have a sweet tooth, there is nothing quite as good as our fresh-churned chocolate frosting butter cream to satisfy your craving.

What is Gourmet-Flavored Chocolate Frosting?

Chocolate is a popular treat made from roasted and ground cacao seeds that in this case, is whipped into a thick frosting. The difference is that our gourmet-flavored churned chocolate frosting butter cream is made with some of the finest tasting chocolate and first-rate butter around. The butter adds a creamy flavor and texture with a pinch of salt that you won’t find in oil-based frostings. Our fresh-churned chocolate frosting butter cream is made with gourmet ingredients that preserve their taste and consistency. It’s the missing component that your sweet snacks and baked goods needed all along.

What Goes Best with Chocolate Frosting Butter Cream?

You can put Chef Shamy™ Chocolate Frosting Butter Cream on nearly any type of dessert or fruit. It goes great with some fresh cut strawberries on Valentine’s Day or on top of a tasty home-made banana pudding. Fresh-churned gourmet chocolate frosting butter cream holds onto its buttery base and enhances the rich flavor profile of the dessert it is complementing. Whether it’s a pie with a flaky crust or a cake that you’re smoothing it over, our fresh-churned butter cream frosting with gourmet-flavored chocolate is the perfect element to bring it all together.

Be creative and add it to any of your favorite treats including:

  • Cake
  • Cupcake
  • Brownies
  • Cookies
  • Ice cream
  • Mousse
  • Pie
  • Pudding

Buy Our Gourmet Butter Online Now

Try our gourmet-flavored, churned chocolate frosting butter cream combination today! You can find Chef Shamy™ gourmet butters available in stores throughout various states. Get a tub of fresh-churned butter cream at a store near you by searching our locator tool. We do roadshows in different areas to periodically showcase our popular or new products, so don’t miss out on the fun. You will love the taste of our chocolate frosting butter and the way it can easily decorate any pastries and baked goods you make at home.