Butter is the star of every kitchen and no doubt its several variants have added more options to our culinary choices. Likewise, spices and herbs also play an important part in every kitchen as it helps justify the intriguing tastes that can be brought out from a prime ingredient. Multiple varieties of flavored and spiced-up forms of butter have been an integral part of our meal preparations, Natural honey butter is one of the yummiest additions to the taste buds as food manufacturers have started selling endless variants of butter.


You can find many combinations of natural honey butter with spices like cinnamon, vanilla and other fruit combinations as well. So let’s find out how can you use honey butter to add that bit of yum factor to any dish or meal you prepare. These are among the favorite recipes across the globe which serves as breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or even a midday snack. Cooking is all about experiments the more you try, the better it is. So, let’s start with the lip smacking list:

  • Honey Butter Rolls- you can glaze your normal dinner rolls with honey butter to quick fix a simple yet tasty dinner. Just a well-dressed salad or pasta and you are good to go. Honey Butter lends a natural and light taste, which requires no special effort.

  • Pasta and Shrimp- Whip up some well seasoned shallow fried shrimps with boiled linguine and replace the good old olive oil with natural honey butter. It does the trick with its heavenly smell and unique taste. Ideal for brunch, lunch and even dinner preparations.

  • Spread It- You can spread natural honey butter on simple whole wheat, banana or brown bread with thin slices of banana and ooh la la! You got yourself an easy peasy yummylicious breakfast.

  • Chicken Wings- You can glaze your favorite honey chicken wings and see the wings disappear within no time.

  • Popcorn- Forget that plain salted, average-taste popcorn. Pop the kernels in natural honey butter along with salt and pepper. Perfect for small gatherings, matches or small parties, this simple dish tastes a million dollars and requires no special arrangement.

So these are some mouth watering, all time favorite recipes that taste a lot better with the touch of natural honey butter. This time when buying groceries, do not forget to include honey butter on the list. Economical, versatile and tasty is what sums up to a great condiment in every kitchen and no doubt natural honey butter is the one.