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      Ginger Chili Pot Stickers Sauce

      Ginger Chili Pot Stickers Sauce

      Pot Stickers! Pot Stickers are a Chinese dumpling– they are traditionally steamed and then pan fried on one side, and they’re filled with meat (often pork) and chopped vegetables. They’re absolutely delicious! In fact, they’re one of the foods that I frequently crave. Whenever I go out for Chinese food, I always get Pot Stickers. …

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      How to Make Spicy Popcorn

      Spicy Popcorn

      Popcorn! I love popcorn! I will take popcorn over chips, crackers, or anything else salty. When I was growing up, my mom would make popcorn with the old air popper. It sounded like a jet engine, and took forever to warm up, but the end result was always delicious. Mom would melt butter and pour …

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      Chef Shamy Gourmet began in the humble kitchen of founder David Shamy.  Every year during the holidays he would make homemade garlic butter and give it out to the neighbors as gifts- they loved it and always wanted more! At around the same time, his daughter asked him to make enough to sell at her high school for a drama fundraiser- he sold out on the first day!

      Our slogan/mission statement has been (and always will be) “All About the Taste.”  Chef Shamy only puts out products that taste wonderful and we don’t compromise ourselves or our customers by adding fillers, binders, or oils.

      Flavored butters can liven up any recipe.