Fresh Churned Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting – 3.8 Gallon


If you try our Fresh Churned Chocolate Buttercream Frosting, we know that you will be baking sweets more often just to enjoy its flavor. Made from the highest-quality butter and premium cocoa, this frosting is guaranteed to please any chocolate lover. When it comes to buttercream frosting, trust Chef Shamy—your butter experts! Compare the 4 ingredients in Chef Shamy Chocolate Frosting with the mind-numbing list of chemicals in store shelf varieties.


Our creamy, easy-to-spread, fresh churned chocolate buttercream frosting is so delicious that you will be baking desserts more often so you can use it. From cookies to cake pops, our frostings are a great finishing touch to any treat.

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Weight 26 lbs



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