Black Truffle Butter – 1 Gallon


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Black truffles are a luxurious addition to any meal. This specialty has a distinct and rich flavor which is the perfect finishing touch to any savory dish. Elevate whatever you are cooking with Chef Shamy’s Black Truffle Flavored Butter and turn any meal into a five-star event. No longer reserved for Micheline-rated restaurants, this delicacy is now available in your own kitchen. Add a pat to a pan-seared steak, finish off any chicken dish, or take oven roasted vegetables to new heights with Chef Shamy’s Black Truffle Flavored Butter.


The flavor of a truffle is difficult to describe, so we recommend trying our new Black Truffle Flavored Butter. Often described as having an earthy, nutty taste, this highly sought after fungus complements so many dishes that you can look forward to experimenting with our gourmet butter. In case you need a few ideas to begin with, Chef Shamy suggests,

  • Black Truffle Zucchini Mushroom Ham Frittata
  • Black Truffle Lobster Mac and Cheese
  • Black Truffle Mashed Potatoes

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