All About Garlic Butter Too Cookbook


You asked for it and here it is! Continuing our Garlic Butter series, we compliment it with the second volume. The simple, mouth-watering recipes are sure to be a hit. We’ve expanded on our Butterverse to include 20 more countertop recipe cards to Make the World a Butter Place®. Many dinner ideas and great snacks and sides are included in this volume, so check it out!


All About Garlic Butter Too is the sequel to the critically acclaimed All About Garlic Butter! It is part of the series of our “All About” countertop recipe card cookbooks. Included in this book are:

  • Grilled Garlic Porkchops
  • Easy Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks
  • Garlic Bruschetta
  • Crispy Parmesan Potatoes
  • Garlic Vegetable Lo Mein
  • Huevos Rancheros
  • And many more…

chicken fajitas crispy parmesan potatoes easy garlic alfredo sauce easy garlic parmesan breadsticks garlic avocado blt garlic bruschetta garlic butter tortellini asparagus garlic mexican rice garlic pizza rolls garlic vegetable lo mein grilled porkchops huevos rancheros mini frittata roasted street corn sauteed sprinach sheet pan salmon sloppy josephs spicy garlic chicken soup steamed broccoli three cheese stuffed shells


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