Homemade Vanilla Bean Extract

Control the flavor and quality of your vanilla bean extract by making it at home.

There are many uses for making your own vanilla bean extract. You can control the flavor, but most importantly you can control the quality. Vanilla beans come in many flavors and sizes and the prices vary immensely. Some beans have floral aromas while others have a bit more fruity ones. I’ve been using my own vanilla …

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Triple Berries & Cream with Raw Honey

Fresh berries, whole cream, and raw honey make this simple treat delectable.

Triple Berries & Cream with Local Raw Honey It’s here, the first day of summer! It’s finally here! Along with fresh lettuce, one of the first signs of summer and the first “fruits” of our garden is berries! About 5 years ago I began to garden with my grandma at a community garden behind a …

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Brazilian Cheese Bread – Pão de Queijo

This delicious cheese breads recipe is delicious with any Chef Shamy Butter

To me, the yucca root is exactly how it sounds: yuck. However, grind it up, add butter and cheese and it creates something so wonderful that you wonder how you never knew about this region specific treat! Brazilian cheese bread (or Pão de Queijo as the locals call it) is specific to the Brazilian state of …

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Parmesan Garlic Zucchini Appetizer

It’s the season for giant zucchini! If you garden and you are growing zucchini, then you know that if you take your eyes off of them for even a day, they can grow out of control! Now the best time to pick a zucchini for flavor is when they fairly small: about 8 inches long and …

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Trifle- Red White & Blue

Let your creativity shine with a tasty Trifle dish.

Red White & Blue! Kaleidoscopic fire in the air, drinking water straight from the hose, slip ‘n slides, and sun for days.  It’s is one of the best times of the year! And since I’ve been on this berry kick lately, I’m in the mood to share with you a Shamy tradition: English Dessert Trifle! …

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