Garlic Butter Cream Pasta & Shrimp Scampi

Buy garlic butter online.

You get 2 recipes in one today! Garlic Butter Cream Sauce and Shrimp Scampi Over the weekend, I got a pasta maker. Now before this post turns into a giant ad for that pasta maker, let me tell you, I’ve been playing with recipes for pastas (brown rice pasta, coconut flour pasta, German noodle pasta) …

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Ghost Pepper Passion Fruit Caramel Cookies

Ghost Pepper Passion Fruit What happens when you combine sugar, butter, and ghost pepper? Utter deliciousness. In 2007 the Ghost Pepper was rated as the hottest pepper in the world! A Habañero is the hottest natural occurring pepper, but the Ghost Pepper is a hybrid created to be 400 times hotter than Tobasco sauce. Currently …

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Homemade Vanilla Bean Extract

Control the flavor and quality of your vanilla bean extract by making it at home.

There are many uses for making your own vanilla bean extract. You can control the flavor, but most importantly you can control the quality. Vanilla beans come in many flavors and sizes and the prices vary immensely. Some beans have floral aromas while others have a bit more fruity ones. I’ve been using my own vanilla …

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Triple Berries & Cream with Raw Honey

Fresh berries, whole cream, and raw honey make this simple treat delectable.

Triple Berries & Cream with Local Raw Honey It’s here, the first day of summer! It’s finally here! Along with fresh lettuce, one of the first signs of summer and the first “fruits” of our garden is berries! About 5 years ago I began to garden with my grandma at a community garden behind a …

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